Point To Point
Transport Commissioner

At the end of the day, safety is what truly matters most. And we increased the overall reach of the message with our Hero, event and explainer videos.

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The point to point transport industry has evolved so much in the past few years and a new governing body is mandatory to ensure safety and compliance are up to a highest standard.

Working with a government body requires very high attention to detail as each round of revisions may involve many different sets of eyes. We ensured that our work met with strict video production guidelines, compliance and protocols required.

Event Video:

Industry briefing – Event video in Brighton Le Sands.

Event Video:

Industry briefing – Event video in Chatswood.

Explainer Video

An explainer video that highlights the things that go into a safety audit by the team at Point to Point Transport Commissioner. This incredible video was the highlight of the entire project and well received by the entire audience base in New South Wales.


Being a relatively new arm to Transport NSW, the Point to Point Transport Commissioner is able to communicate its values and purpose to the major stakeholders and continue to educate on the importance of safety and compliance in the point to point transport industry with the help of our informative and self-explanatory videos.

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