Pure Persona

When a hair product is no longer just a hair treatment. We made exceptional videos and photos that made people fall in love with the brand and its message.

Which content would you like to see?

The vision behind this product has brought our team all the way to Ghana to film a video story that is full of love for women and respect for the African culture. The Hero film won the Gold Award at the prestigious AIPP Video Awards. We weren’t kidding when we said we are an award-winning video production company in Sydney! 🙂 

Our exact adherence to the brief helped the digital marketing/creative agency take leverage of the creative assets and deliver incredible results for the campaign performance

Creative Agency: Bubblefish

We wanted the product film to champion the ingredients that are used and how this amazing hair treatment is set to change the way African women wear their hair. We decided to get creative in the studio using a high frame rate camera. And it worked really well. This is something we do for all of our video clients – find out the best fit technical solution for their videos which would suit their wants and needs.

Social Videos

The creative agency wanted a lot of social content targeting Instagram in particular. We accounted for them from the video production stage to reduce costs and made Instagram worthy videos.


The company has gathered a substantial amount of video content that is a strong compliment to the launch of their new branding. They will be able to recycle the social content every couple of months and, therefore, enjoy long-lasting value of their investment.

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