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What once started from a simple Excel spreadsheet has completely turned into a full-fledged solution that no department in a dealership can work without. We helped SalesLogs tell their story and why it’s growing at such lightning speed.

The case study videos have proven that simple, clear narration can have a long lasting impact on the audience. The result is an incredible growth in customer acquisition and retention. 

Often times it is not all about viral videos but more about reaching the right target market.

Short Bite-Size Videos

As well as the hero video, we also produced a series of short videos that are designed to focus on single topics and be easily consumed in seconds.

These were all shot on the same day to maximise value and minimise cost.

SaleslogsTV docu-series on LinkedIn

We went to Vegas with the SalesLogs team to produce a series of content based on their journey and interviews with industry leaders in the USA. The series can be seen throughout LinkedIn and the SalesLogsTV Youtube channel.

The investment made with Papercranes has been invaluable! We have seen a huge improvement in customer engagement, along with a steady increase in inbound leads since releasing the video assets. The team at Papercranes are extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. I highly recommend them!

John Fountain // Managing Director


By working closely with the Art Director, we were able to provide SalesLogs with a myriad of strategic photo+video content that they can recycle and reuse over time. This has significantly helped them to build their brand’s online presence and enter the international market in the U.S. and beyond.

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