Randwick City
Council - Beach Pollution

End Beach Pollution campaign

Which part of the project would you like to see?

Randwick City Council runs a creative campaign to raise awareness of beach pollution. We produced 4 main videos for them as well as a number of short social videos.

This project relied heavily on a strong concept, high production value to run a successful campaign that will appeal to the target audience. The concept helped to motivate the community in being involved with the campaign. 

You can find out more about the campaign here: endbeachpollution.sydney

Gross pollutant trap

A genius idea to trap pollutants and prevent them from ending up in the ocean.


Cleaning Workers

Sharing the work that happens behind the scenes…often starts in the early morning before sunrise.

Stormwater Recycling

Tim Silverwood helps us understand how Randwick City Council helps reduce water waste by using recycled stormwater to irrigate our parks.

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Joshua Hay // Manager Communications


Randwick City Council used the content that we created to supplement their “End Beach Pollution” campaign. The videos have appeared in cinema advertising as well as multiple social media platforms.

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