How can video production create a powerful impact for your business?

In this content piece, we aim to demystify some of the basics behind video production to maximise the impact to your business growth. Now, this comes from our experience working with various corporate, government and education clients/customers in Sydney and around Australia.

What goes into video production?

Simply put video production is the process of creating valuable video content to be used for a specific purpose. This of course can be done in a myriad of ways depending on many different elements. Put into a very simple manner, the elements will come down to:

We hope the above gives you a brief overview of how video production works and its various stages.
Now, let’s move on to the next question.

Now, let's move on to the next question.

How can one improve video production quality?

Here are 7 of our favourite tips:

  1. Plan the message that you want to convey and how you want to share it.
  1. Use a decent camera. You absolutely won’t have to be shooting at 8k resolution but a decent quality camera would help.
  1. Great natural light is one of the crucial elements in making a video look fabulous.
  1. Don’t miss out on the B-roll. Having amazing b-roll can make the content easier to understand and entertaning at the same time.
  1. Make sure your sound is crisp and clean. Avoid external noise that will disturb your viewer’s attention.
  1. Keep the shots uniform, simplicity is key.

Know what is the main platform you are filming for and how you can repurpose the content to other platforms as well

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What are the main stages of video production process?

Every video production, no matter how big or small would have these three key stages:

  1. Pre-production
  2. Then there is the actual Production which some call it as principal photography and finally,
  3. post-production

However, there is actually another step where a lot of businesses tend to skip while working with production houses and that is the marketing and distribution of the content. This stage is probably more crucial than any other step because there is not much point if Steven Spielberg himself directed the video if not many would have the opportunity to see it.

With social media rapidly increasing in popularity, most marketeres involve various social media platforms in their ad spending. Knowing where you would want to place your video content plays a big part in how the video should be created. For example, the production house may shoot the video in the folowing manner:

  1. SQUARE: These are known to be highly popular and work well on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So keeping our focus objects in the centre of the frame always is crucial if we have to adapt the videos for social media.

  2. VERTICAL: Now, with the advent of display advertising and Instagram stories, we also need to be able to pan out in our videos. This has to be done in such a manner that a vertical crop does not lose meaning. Also, another key place for such videos is on the mobile version of websites. Mobile traffic has been gaining traction since 2015. Now it stands very close to 70% of total traffic a website gets. In this scenario, having a vertical video helps with marketing incredibly well. You can place these vertical videos so that on mobile, the website can play those videos and occupy the entire screen of the device.

  3. BUMPER ADS: These are six-second worth video footage that communicates the entire message/theme of the brand. Again, they are crucial for YouTube marketing and are tougher to shoot and conceptualise than a 1-minute video.

There are a lot more things to plan out and execute during marketing and distribution which, we will cover in another article.