9 amazing wedding video ideas you must know!

Videos shot during a wedding can be truly precious. 


For each couple, it is one of their defining moments in life. Wedding videos are also known to have helped sort out various marriage squabbles too :). Jokes apart, memories are always treasured. So, in this post, we will explore 9 wedding video ideas that can add spice to them

Now for each couple, the priorities are different. Trends too vary with time. 

Currently, with the pandemic, many have been streaming their weddings online for friends and family to attend virtually. 

But hey, before you go all antsy about a streamed wedding, let’s get into the ideas.

  1. Having a teaser & trailer done for the wedding: It is good to discuss with your wedding videographer beforehand on these two elements. A short video is usually made through pictures from the past and during the courtship. A personal touch to such videos is given by sharing the fun moments and the journey of the couple. Similarly, a trailer is made with the couple announcing their wedding date over a video byte. This usually is done in a format which is easy to be shared over WhatsApp. In some cases even gets uploaded to a YouTube channel. 
  2. Capture the proposal: Have your wedding videographer take your through the memory and re-enact the proposal. This is by far the best storytelling you can do for your wedding. It will be an evergreen content for you in the future to use on multiple occasions. 
  3. Animated save the date collages and social media content: The unique skills of your wedding videographer are truly tested during this process. With the advent of social media, everyone wants to announce their wedding on social media and share digital save the date notifications with their close friends and family. Having few of the goofy moments or the shots of working through the wedding arrangements usually go into such content. Not many wedding videographers in Sydney are skilled enough to churn such content out. Paper Cranes has incredible experience though and can make your wedding announcement, the highlight amongst all your friends.
  4. Individual invitations to close friends and family. It is no longer enough to visit and invite close friends and family. What would really make an impact is a personal video on matters to you and why you need them at your wedding. This can be shot on your iPhone straight away. But our wedding videographers can help you get that extra edge by upping the quality. Hey, going the extra mile always helps. 
  5. Shoot some candid footage, to make it extra special. We have read all those incredible stories on the Internet as to how a couple did an underwater pre-wedding shoot. There are other crazy stories as well about shots that have been taken a wedding photographer by hanging upside from a tree to get that perfect candid shot of the couple. Such things can help go a long way and make a fascinating cut for your wedding film. Skill matters here and you need a wedding videographer who is a pro in extracting those moments from the couple. 
  6. Introduce the wedding gang. Having all your key people featured and what they are contributing to your wedding matters. Such videos help bond the couple together with all their friends and family. It also makes a great movie to watch together in the future. 
  7. Stop-motion videos can be extra special too. Not many couples experiment with stop-motion videos. And that is the reason why you have to explore them. Try to capture the entire process you went through while getting ready for the wedding or on the day of the wedding. 
  8. Make the fun moments stand out with Hyper lapses. Not many couples have taken a hyper-lapse of their wedding. Have your wedding videographer arrange camera trails for all the key people at your wedding. You will then be able to see the journey at a much faster pace. All the funny happening will tickle you all.
  9. Do interviews. Conduct interviews between the couples, exes, parents, childhood friends, colleagues, etc. One cool tip is to collect all the bloopers that happen during the interviews. They could then eventually be made into a funny video.

Hope you like these 9 wedding video ideas.

We do have many more amazingly creative ideas as well for your wedding. Contact Paper Cranes – https://papercranes.com.au/contact/ – for the wedding videographer in Sydney who will take your wedding to the next level.