How video makes your online campaigns effective?

Video has been gaining traction year on year. By the year 2022 – an estimated 82% of traffic is to come from video content. 

Videos are engaging and an apt medium for communicating your message effectively to your audiences. 

Every video project typically starts with a brief. Video production companies take the brief and as per the target audience, decide on the key elements. 

The process usually involves the following:

  1. Storyboard: It is a visual version of the brief is developed
  2. Video shots: The main shots for the video are planned out
  3. Plan the footage: Using b-roll helps keep the engagement while text or voiceover is being played.
  4. Plan for the required video variations: Based on places where your video is going to go into, the formats of the video are decided. On this basis, the equipment used is planned by the video production company. For example, if your video is to go into Instagram stories. It requires framing of the main subject in the centre of the frame always. If it’s for YouTube, then the dimension of the video and the background becomes key.

Now apart from all the above, there are plenty more steps but really important. 

The next important thing the production house has to deal with is what is the product or service that needs to be showcased and how.

Let’s take an example and explain this. 

Suppose you have created a new kind of microphone product. This mic is perfect for YouTubers. 

So now a video production company while making a film or product launch video for this product will have to shoot its use cases. 

Some of the probable use cases are – a microphone which is easy to work with as a single person team, which most YouTubers are. 

A microphone which has noise cancellation to help improve the audio quality. The audio quality is of paramount importance as people can watch a video even if the video quality is not up to the mark. But one cannot see a video with bad audio quality. 

This is how corporate video production helps make product launches successful.

But lets to get to the core part of the topic today.

How video makes your online campaigns effective?

To understand it better, let’s see the types of video required for online campaigns.

Online campaigns require the following key video formats:

  1. 6-second bumper ads on YouTube
  2. 15 second to around 2-minute promotional videos for ads in YouTube, News websites and other publisher platforms including Google Display Network, Facebook Audience Network, LinkedIn network and all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.
  3. Square videos under 1 minute for Facebook & Instagram ads
  4. Vertical videos for Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook stories
  5. GIFs for banner ads

There are many other kinds of video requirement as well, let’s stick to these important ones.

Now all these different videos need to be planned from the start and shots executed accordingly.

After this, they need to be customised for each placement as per the requirement and aligned.

Then there are other requirements as well such as

  1. Videos need to be designed for sound-off, as it is the default feature in social media
  2. Videos have to be eye-catchy and the first 5 seconds have to hook the user
  3. Videos need to help the audience connect with the product or service they are showcasing
  4. Videos need to be of different lengths in different platforms to satisfy the unique needs/browsing habits of people

Now after, all these requirements are met, a video is ready for publishing.

Have you ever wondered why videos have been so successful in online campaigns really?

Well, the answer is simple but let us explain in terms of the social media platforms and publishers where the video ads are run. 

Social media and other online websites track results of the ads by the number of clicks that happen on the content and in case of mobile devices, the number of finger impressions. 

Now if you were to run an ad with the help of an image. The social media platform is not really sure if the user has seen it or not unless they click on it or engage with it with a like, comment or share. 

But when the users of these platforms became more and mature, they stopped engaging with the content and became passive consumers. 

In such cases, it is difficult to track if a user has seen an image or not. 

But when it comes to videos, the user will stop to see the video or in most cases click on the sound button to listen to the audio. 

This way, the ad is more accurately measurable in terms of reach and consumption. 

This is the real reason behind the success of video content for online campaigns. 

Hope you liked this content item from us. It is an attempt to explain the process of video production for products or services and why video is crucial for your online campaigns to be efficient. 

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