Why you need a video production company for Instagram marketing?

Instagram marketing is all the rage in today’s world. 

With such being the case we thought of explaining with examples as to why you need a professional video production company in Sydney to complete your Instagram marketing.


Nike uses these videos to make an impact on people and make them aspirational in nature. 

The added subtitles and text overlays bring to life the entire video posted on the account. Such tasks are better done by professional video production companies.

Louis Vuitton

The product showcasing done with the help of the video and model is impeccable. It not only makes the product pop-out well from the video but also make it more engaging.


They too use videos often and have amazing ways of showcasing their products. They also have tight framing to help when cropping the video to square dimension for Instagram.


Makes product showcase much more efficient with the model and also makes it highly engaging.

Mercedes Benz

Not only Instagram makes their cars look best but also effortlessly elegant thanks to the angles taken by the videographer.


Also uses Instagram to creatively engage with the users. 

One of the most effective ways to increase engagement is with drone shots.

So here are our most popular tips for video production specific to Instagram ads

  1. Design for sound off – most people still watch videos in mute
  2. Add text with animations and transitions but not overly, please
  3. Focus on a single goal for the video – Brand awareness, sales, etc.
  4. Make it look natural video
  5. Shoot in the right sizes for different platforms
  6. Design amazing thumbnails that get you to click-throughs
  7. Optimise your landing page for the keywords. 

That was our easiest way to produce video in Sydney. 

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