Planet Mino

Play. Eat. Love. - Video showcase to help with brand awareness and lead generation.

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Planet Mino is the freshest playground centre in Northern Beaches. Having kids of our own, we believe in the quality that they deliver. Thus, we’d like to do justice in telling that to all the parents in Sydney. What better way to explain it, than in a video?

The main platform in play here is Instagram and it has proven effective to target the right audience. Our social videos managed to act as a hook that lead them back to the website where we have our longer hero video ready to welcome them. And that hero video has been designed keeping in mind new viewers and what they would like to know. This clearly makes it easier to retain the website visitors and on the Internet the longer you hold someone’s attention, the better the trust they have. And with more trust, sales and brand recall improve.

This video production process of ours enabled the brand to take maximum advantage from the high quality video production to act as an acquisition tool of customers.

Social Videos

Instagram bites for parents to enjoy themselves and with their kids. All of the Instagram ads eventually resulted in brand uplift and sales improvement. This is the power of effective storytelling with video.

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