#Pay500Forward during COVID-19

Get a FREE professional promo video for your business while supporting local restaurants and people in need during COVID-19

Be a HERO during COVID-19!

Your business can help those struggling during COVID-19

If you’re a local small owner-operator small business around the Willoughby area who could use a fresh promotional video, this is the best time to do so!

You can get a “FREE” promo video for your business and support TWO vulnerable groups at the same time:

Get a FREE
promo video

Keep local
restaurants open

Give to those
needing food

What is #Pay500Forward?

Hi, my name is Santo. I’m a film-maker based in Willoughby.

As many others, my business has been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. In this time I thought to myself, “How can I use what I have to help the situation?”

The one thing I’m very good at is storytelling. So, I thought I’d try to use my talent to help those who are the most vulnerable in our community – restaurants and those needing food.

So, I created an initiative called #Pay500Forward to benefit local businesses, restaurants and those people in need around the Willoughby/North Shore area.

Give $500 to a local restaurant and I’ll film a FREE professional promo video for your business (no money goes to me). The local restaurant can give food to those most in need, your business gets more exposure and you become a hero.

Usual cost $2,500
This offer: $500

Your $500 donation goes straight to a restaurant. NO MONEY goes to me.

This is definitely a win-win for everyone!

How does #Pay500Forward work?

Give $500 to a restaurant

Sign up below and we’ll give you details on how to transfer $500 to a cafe or restaurant of your choice.

Arrange a FREE shoot with Santo

Choose a 90 minutes time slot where I can come and film your business’ promo video (keeping with social rules)

You’re a
local hero!

The restaurant can start delivering $500 of food/beverages and you’ll receive your video 48hrs later

Your $500 donation goes straight to a restaurant. NO MONEY goes to me.

#Pay500Forward stories

Ian at WorkforceXS.

Ian gave $500 to a cafe in Crows Nest who are currently rotating their chefs to keep from standing them down.

Ryde hospital has received food to give to doctors and nurses.

Denis at Freshwater Financial Services.

Denis gave $500 to a cafe in Chatswood who are now able to keep their staff a little bit longer.

The cafe has been connected with a local non-profit (One Meal Makes A Difference) who can now continue feeding the homeless.

Terms of Service

  • The filming will be subject to any further lockdown imposed by the government
  • For the time being, filming will be limited to locations 20 mins from Chatswood area but we are hoping more people to jump in this initiative and can cover more grounds.
  • We will practise safe distancing while filming to protect everyone.
  • No revision will be provided but everything will be done to our quality standard.
    Please have a look at examples of our work here.
  • There will be a small #pay500forward watermark on the corner of your promo video.
  • Restaurants/cafes can send in their expression of interest and we will be in contact to make sure they are able to deliver the food and be responsible for their own quality of food and hygiene standard.

What if I don’t need a promo video?

You can opt for a nice and intimate family shoot in a nearby park. 

Still not your cup of tea? That’s fine, you can still be involved!

This initiative is posted on local community Facebook groups so you can simply tag businesses, restaurants or aged-care/non-profit facilities that you feel will benefit from this initiative.

“This is the time where we unite together to do something great.”

An order worth $500 will go a long way for some struggling businesses and if we can do this well, who knows—maybe we can involve other services to do a similar thing like this and reach that snowball effect.

Let’s do this!

What does a promo video involve?

  • 2 hour, on-site shoot to film your business and create a FREE promo video for you.
  • Promo video delivered 48hrs later so you can use it on social media to grow your business.
  • Your chosen restaurant/cafe to receive your $500 donation (you can even choose a cafe inside a hospital to provide free coffees and breakfast to doctors and nurses).
  • Restaurant or cafe can assemble 50 takeaway boxes to give to those in need – e.g., aged care facilities, the homeless, those with disabilities, nurses and doctors, etc.
  • We have a growing list of organisations the restaurants can send the takeaway boxes to.
The possibilities are endless…
Be a HERO during coronavirus

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