North Sydney

Taking care of our own backyard for the sake of native plants and wildlife.

Which part of the project would you like to see?

Bushcare is a program for the local community to be able to volunteer their time in the beautiful outdoors caring for native plants and make new friends along the way. 

After an influx of volunteer applications, we can say that these case study videos prove the power of video based storytelling and the real impact it can have for both the council and its community.

Native Haven a genius program that enables the local North Sydney community to adopt native plants (with supervision) into their own backyard and provide a natural habitat for native wildlife to flourish.

Social Media Videos

We did short bite-size videos for the client to attract people on Social Media who may never have heard about Bushcare. This approach maximised the efficiency of our filming day and translated to dramatically increased value for money.


"The Bushcare program promotional videos exceeded our expectations. Paper Cranes consulted our team throughout the production process, the videos were well crafted, a true representation of our program and they succeeded in the Facebook volunteer recruitment campaign.

Gareth Debney // Bushland Management Coordinator

Training Videos

North Sydney Council created an online training platform dedicated to educate the bushcare voluteers. Having an online material makes everything easy for the volunteers to access anytime, anywhere.


These videos have been featured on the North Sydney Council website to provide helpful insights to new visitors and increase the overall morale for the participants. Everyone is so proud to see their work being recognised and presented in a very beautiful way.

They also have been used in social media campaigns which have produced a continuous flow of contact details for new leads and volunteers.

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