Gong Cha Tea

Beverages that truly champion quality ingredients.

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Filming this project and its video production combined with photography has been such a fun and wonderful experience as we got to experiment with different techniques and ideas. We are so proud of the result and I hope you will enjoy this short piece that took a lot of time (and tea) to make.

Social Videos

We created individual short videos for each of their top performing beverages. These allow the consumer to see what ingredients go into their favourite drinks. Such subtle videos with animation, engaging storytelling technique and showcasing of the ingredients made them an instant not just across Sydney but across the entire Australia.


We have provided Gong Cha with a creatively-executed menu film – video for every kind of tea they have – which they proudly play all day long in over 100 of their stores around Australia. They also have beautiful still images which were taken during the same shoot to maximise value and reduce costs. This is exactly how we help our clients get maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for every video production we do – we plan for which destinations or platforms the video and photo content will get published in and produce them accordingly.

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