Bellamy's Organics.

Organic, healthy food for the whole family.

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Story 1: Rachel Finch

A great insight to the life of a health coach with a focus on raising a family. Rachael Finch shares her love for organic living and how she makes sure her family is getting the best nutrients as possible.

Creative Agency: Double Lux

Short Bite-size Social Videos

Our effective repurposing of footage into social video content resulted in greater return of investment for the brand and helped with online sales of their products. This is on top of the increase in their overall brand awareness via social media platforms.

Story 2: Tasmanian Apple Farmer.

I never thought organic apple farming could feel so whimsical. we learned so much about the process of organic farming and the passion that these awesome farmers carry.


Really can’t go wrong with this beautiful place. We took a lot of snaps while we were there to maximise the beauty and the serenity of the island.


With the strategic guidance of the creative agency, we provided Bellamy’s Organic with strong and beautiful content that will definitely hold its place on their website and social media for a very long time.

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