Why do you need to hire a professional videographer?

Most corporates and brands want to improve their overall visibility and brand awareness immensely. 

One of the easiest ways to do it is with the help of videos. 

In such a scenario, the most common question that comes up is can’t we do videos with our amazing mobile devices? 

Nowadays, each new mobile has around 3 or 4 camera lenses in it. They produce good quality video as well and some of them have great stabilisation too. 

But is it enough?

How many megapixels do your phone cameras cover? 

Have you ever wondered how many megapixels human eye has? The answer is 576 megapixels

Humans are by nature hardwired to find or spot errors and inefficiencies. So people would naturally be inclined to spot such errors in your videos.

Now that’s just one point. 

Imagine the different kinds of videos a videographer in Sydney would be shooting.

    1. Wedding videography
    2. Real estate videography
    3. Marketing videography
    4. Event videography

The above are just some of the broad classification of the kinds of videography that videographers normally do. If we get deeper into them we have interviews, presentations, instructional videos, product demonstrations, live streams, smooth videography and drone photography or raw footage. 

Now all these kinds of videos need high-quality production services as well. So a videographer has to work with existing or freshly produced raw footage to produce or make an edited professional video with music and sound mixing done perfectly. 

Trust us, the sound in a video is key. Your audience will start downright hating your brand if the audio quality was bad in the film. And imagine all the horror level trolls that can happen if the audio is out sync with the video. 

Such high levels of shoot and edit can be done by a professional videographer with ease. 

And that is why it is essential to hire a videographer for your videos.

Another use case is when you need to start a social media campaign for your organisation. You would ideally need a brand video for YouTube, an under 1-minute video for Instagram and a full professional yet fast-paced video for Facebook. On top of all this, you have the vertical video version requirement for Snapchat, TikTok or Facebook & Instagram stories/reels. 

If you use some of the online tools to crop your video to those different dimensions, you run the risk of cropping out text or people or just have a framing issue with people not really being seen in the vertical video at all. 

For all these scenarios you need professional videographers to help you, as they will have the right kind of equipment for each task whether it be live streaming or vertical videos or even the typical event videography.

If you’re still weighing up the benefits of hiring a professional videography team, then read on to the below for a list of advantages

  • Less stress: When you hire a professional videographer and his team, then you are in safe hands. They will get a clear brief from you, clarify any doubts or queries and then look after all the rest. So you can actually focus on all the other necessary for getting the video done and co-ordinate with your team members. Trust us, video shooting will need a lot of coordination.
  • Experience: Because videographers in Sydney have been doing it for a long time, they can preempt issues you might not have considered and provide solutions that will not only solve those problems before they arise but also make the entire process smooth while saving you time and money. 
  • Technology: They have access to the latest technology that guarantees you the best results. This means not just a better image but better audio recording and more versatility with the type of cameras used and how cameras are moved to capture the right images/angles. This combined with their lighting equipment and accessories will ensure a great video is obtained. Such professionally produced raw footage can help make all those other video variants possible for social media, for your website, etc.  
  • Editing: Here’s where the magic happens. No matter how great your raw footage would be, you’ll get much more choice and quality when the editing happens.  
  • Finally deadlines: Professionals meet deadlines, always. Hiring a professional videographer and his team means you don’t have to worry about whether the editing will be completed on time. And they deliver the content when you need it and in a way that you can drive great impact from. 

So whatever may be your video need be – do hire a professional videographer like us in Sydney – https://papercranes.com.au/.