For those who have been connecting with us for some time, they would know that we are very serious in changing the world. It sounds a bit too much? If we are doing it by ourselves... hmm probably.... but definitely not if we have a whole lot of storytellers aiming to do the very same thing. Making the world a better place by constantly sharing beautiful stories that are REAL and INSPIRING others that life can be and should be meaningful and full of love.

This is why we are doing workshop. There's no better way to share our vision and aspiration than an intimate workshop with like-minded people. Skills and techniques are important, and we are definitely going to teach a lot of the technical things we know, but most importantly, we want to impart our biggest asset to everyone.. our mindset. Why we do things the way we do and NOT do certain things and what we strive to achieve every time we do any project here in Paper Cranes. Why we only choose certain people to join our team and hence why we are often considered to have one of the best team in the industry. yep.. it is the WHY... and we would like to share these to everyone as much as we can.

This film that we made is meant to be as honest as possible. We did some interviews with past attendees and our team members that were a part of the unfold 2012 to give some insight to what they think the workshop was like. We hope that you will join us in this ride together. We have 8 people flying down to Kuala Lumpur this july and we are all super excited to meet all of you and have a blast in this learning fiesta that we are about to have.

If you believe in what we do and want to learn how to become not only better storyteller but also one with a purpose, register to our UNFOLD workshop 2013 by emailing us at with subject: "UNFOLD REGISTRATION"

Full details of the workshop are on our blog with more videos of last year's workshop and promo.

Thank you in we look forward to see you in July :)

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