Picture this. You're eagerely waiting to capture the bride walking down the aisle. As she arrives, one hand is clenching the handgrip tightly, and in the other, you're rack focusing your lens to maintain critical focus as she makes her way down to her soon to be husband. Now, how steady do you think your shot is going to be? Not very! If only there were something out there that could have helped you out. 

Enter, support equipment.



Now that you have a solid understanding of camera systems and lenses, it now comes the time to gear yourself (pun intended) towards how we can look at supporting pieces of equipment to add motivation to your shots and help capture your film in more interesting ways. Today, we're looking at monopods, sliders and tripods which will not only help you stabilise your shaky hand-held shots but will ultimately allow you to create smooth, captivating shots that will help to push your story forward.. and jack-up the production value of your film at the same time. Double whammy

Special thanks to the following for making this education series possible:
Santo Widjaja
Dom Au
Vicky Chen
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Equipments mentioned in the video:

- Manfrotto 561 bhdv-1
- 055cxpro4 carbon fibre tripod
- Manfrotto 701 HDV fluid head
- Manfrotto 755CX3 carbon fibre tripod
- Manfrotto 501 HDV fluid head
- Cinevate Duzi slider


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