So you have started to plan your dream wedding. The day where you can seal your love and commitment while celebrating with the people you care the most. It all sounds all lovely and dandy.

So, who do you choose to help you realise all that in the way that you would be well pleased?


I would like to suggest you some of the steps that you can consider when you choose your wedding vendors based on my experience working with brides and grooms in the wedding industry.

1. Do your research.
It is important to at least know a little bit about what each vendor would offer you. Often times just spending some time on their websites will help a lot. Some vendors even list out their packages and offerings on their website, this would give you an idea of what you would get before you actually enquire to them.
2. The Golden Number
There are a million of choices of vendors out there with so many different variety in style, price range, experience and personality. The key is to not overwhelm your selves and try to narrow down your choices down to a maximum of 3 for each vendor. Invest the time to meet with them and get to know their personality to see whether or not they are the right fit for you.
3. Make friends
Wedding vendors are professionals in their field, but there is a reason why they are in the wedding industry, and that is because they love weddings and be around people like your selves. Our best work usually comes from a good relationship that we have with our couples so feel free to open up and don’t be surprised if you end up becoming close friends with one another after the wedding :)
4. Be open to suggestions
Yes it is easy for us when bride and groom knows exactly what they want, but wedding vendors usually have at least a few years more experience than your selves so hearing what they have to say would really be beneficial to you and it will also show you how interested they are to your wedding.
5. Ask questions
Probably the most proactive advice that I can give you is this. Yes, you have to give the vendor the chance to pitch them selves to you, however, there are some questions that are important for you to ask. I can only suggest you questions to ask to photography/video vendors but there may be similar questions that you can come up with from the following list to ask to other vendors as well.
  • What kind of imageries that you aim to capture at a wedding?
    We all can shoot weddings, but we may aim to capture different things. Some aim to capture beauty more than others, some aim to capture more stories, some aim to capture more grandness, fun, emotion or other things. Some also aim to capture more group shots more than candid moment shots. It can be interesting to find out what your wedding photographers/videographers have in their mind when they are working behind the camera. This will give you an idea if your values match with theirs and allow you to make better decision.
  • Can you please show me an example of a full wedding capture?
    This question will give you an idea of what you would get in full, not just the pretty snippets that you have seen on the website/blog.
  • Can you show me a few samples that are not on the blog/website?
    Have you ever bought a service because you saw a really good sample but ended up not getting anything similar? Asking this question will avoid this thing from happening. We want to be connected to the work of our vendors but we also want a high level of consistency to give us a peace of mind that we will definitely get the same level of quality as what we expected.
  • How many photographers/videographers and the time frame where they will be working.
    Sometimes you will only get 1 photographer for the whole day and second photographer for half day. This will affect your coverage so it is important to know beforehand.
  • What are the payment plan and if there are any extra costs that you should be aware of.
    You want to be sure that everything has been explained up front and no unnecessary surprise such as travel fees, early/late coverage surcharge fee etc.
  • If you want to go a step more, ask them why they got into this industry, might spark a really nice conversation :)
6. Make informed decision.
After getting to know your vendor and learning the product and services that are offered, discuss together with your fiancee and calculate this way:
50% logic
50% gut feeling
Because you are not deciding on a new car or something that is “factory made”. You are buying a service that you cannot compare apple to apple and it is very important that you are happy and comfortable with what you are getting.
7. Trust.
After all is set and booked. Come the wedding day, you would want to be to trust your vendors and not worry about a thing about whether they should do this, do that or whatever it is. Thats why the relationship factor is important :)
All the best!
Santo {papercranes}

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