I love mixed culture weddings... I find them to be extra special just because there is a blend of different cultures and family traditions that is taking place. Seeing this couple all glowing and smiling just warms my heart and I hope it does the same to you.


May I just mentioned quickly that Ferry and Tai did an amazing job capturing this couple's wedding day. I never met the couple before but I somehow can sense their personality, their love and commitment, their families and the atmosphere that was so full of love and friendliness. I keep on saying to the people in the studio "These guys are different, their smiles are so contagious and their families share the same traits". This is what its all about. I can't stress enough how much I love this kind of weddings .The kind that focuses on relationships and the bigger picture in life. And I'm glad that our team managed to channel that energy into the pictures that we see before us (I'm sorry if I seem biased but they are so beautiful!)

Jordan and Meenal, we love you and your crowd. We wish you both all the very best with your journey as husband and wife. This world needs more people like you and we hope your pictures will inspire other couples and brighten someone's day because like I said before, you have the ability to bring smiles to others so keep choosing to be happy.

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