Pulp Fiction for first dance. Really? Yes.


Cecily and Nick are two very different people when you meet them - Cecily is bubbly, outgoing, always smiling and extremely warm. Nick was quiet when we first met him and a little more reserved than Cecily. Yet together, they work. Through similar interests, passions and a great love for the other, they become a very unique couple and it was such a joy to be a part of their most special day unfolding.

Cecily and Nick shared with us the true essence of what it really means to love another person. To them, it is simply putting the other above yourself, supporting them through growth and sharing in their passions - and it was evident throughout their wedding day. From the thoughtful wedding gifts, to their very personalised wedding details, everything was planned in consideration of the other - with the outcome being a simply unique yet beautiful wedding. Nick showed his love of guitar that evening, dedicating a song to Cecily. He also carved the opals that are on their wedding bands, making the promise all the more meaningful. Cecily supported Nick’s creativity by gifting him an opal gemmology course on their wedding day. While they share many likes and interests together, it is their unending care and support of the other’s own passions that shines most.

Their wedding day was in picturesque Hunter Valley and while the location already guarantees a beautiful wedding, Cecily and Nick’s wedding day was made all the more stunning by the couple’s thoughtfulness to detail and the warmth and intimate setting with their dearest family and friends. We feel so privileged to have been invited to capture this wedding - their story was one to tell and we are so glad we got to tell it in photography and in film. Thank you Cecily and Nick for having us, we hope you stay as in love as you were on your wedding ( and more!).

Photography by Vincent and Deddy.

Film and photography: Paper Cranes Weddings
Hair and make up artist: Nikkita Raine and Ashley Cashman
Florist: Flowers By Lorey
Cars: Married in a Mustang
Music: Masterclass
Donut wall: Doughheads
MC: Rosie Beaton Marriage Celebrant Sydney & Australia Wide
Wedding gown: Grace Loves Lace
Shoes: Tamara Mellon
Groom suits: Roger David
Wedding stationery: Fabled Papery
Stylist: Isn't It Lovely Events
Reception venue: Lillino's Bar, Pizzeria & Trattoria

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