Baby Zahraa arrived in this world a few weeks early and has brought nothing but joy (and a little bit less sleep) for the two overjoyed parents.


For the time that we were there, we could only feel happiness. Just happy atmosphere filling the whole house. Its true what they say that babies are like bundles of joy. Despite all the nappy changing, sleepless nights and all, they do bring a heck lot of joy. Welcome again to this funny ever-changing world baby Zahraa. We all love you and we pray that you will be the great woman you are destined to be. We hope that when you are old enough and come to appreciate these photographs, you would know deep inside your heart that you are always loved, since the very beginning. 


Zahraa's First Film from Paper Cranes Productions on Vimeo.

On another note, our good friends at Sleeklens sent us their amazing presets called “Forever Thine” and we used that preset to treat the photos from this session. The presets really helped to do everything efficiently since it includes all the style and brushes that you would need including skin softening, fixing overexposing and underexposing etc. I found that everything was laid out very nicely and allowed me to save time in touching up all of the photos.
You can learn more about them here:

Photos taken by Ferry.


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