This shoot was something special- was it because it's got our whole office buzzing in anticipation for another staff (aka- family) wedding, or simply because the photos are magical? Definitely both. 


We’re not strangers to Papercrane’s weddings here anymore, from Armin and Boshra’s big day to Papercranes superstars Ferry and Renny some years ago.

And now it’s Maria’s turn! If you’ve contacted us in the past year or so... chances are you’ve met Maria. She’s the one who’s always smiling, makes you feel more than welcome and always seems to have snacks to share at staff meetings. And now she’s about to become a very beautiful bride. 

We love Jerry ALMOST as much as Maria does- so naturally we’re stoked that he’ll be the one to meet her at the other end of that aisle. Together they’re a very stylish pair (as we bet you can see from these shots)- and two people with huge hearts. Maria, we’re so excited to be a part of your big day and can’t wait to see you in a white dress!

Photographed by Ferry
Blog by Amy

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