We truly believe that there is such a thing called love at first sight. Even in the case of meeting our clients for the first time :)



Ali and Regine definitely captured our heart from the moment we first met with them. Their genuine love and care shines really brightly in our meeting room and we couldn't stop sharing stories after stories, laughter after laughter and just enjoying their company and their spirits close to ours.

Everyone was so excited to capture their wedding day. The day turned out to be raining but none of us took it as a negative thing. It actually made the whole day even more romantic and meaningful. My favourite picture is Regine walking to the ceremony place accompanied by her dad holding the umbrella. You can see her smile beaming from her face and just so excited to see the man of her dreams. Her dad just so patiently walk beside her holding the umbrella and making sure her princess is all alright and secured. 

But that is just one picture out of so many others that really touch my heart as a photographer. I feel so blessed to be able to be the one that "get to" photograph their wedding day and I'm sure I speak for the other photographer and our fellow cinematographers and editor that got to share the day with them. Our team was overjoyed pretty much :)

Thank you so much Ali and Regine for choosing us. We really treausure our relationship and our time together. We hope that you will continue to inspire others with your love and joy for each other. Our love goes to your lovely family and friends too :)

Please make sure you watch the same day edit film that our team produced on the day. Definitely one of our favourites!

The Paper Cranes Team
Instagram: @paper_cranes_productions

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