What a wedding it was. Charles and Frances have been quite a household name in the studio. Not only because they are good friends of our very own Dave Katague but also because they are just two amazingly nice people.

Everyone was so excited to shoot the wedding (especially after Dave shed happy tears during the final meeting with them). We are glad that the couple had both our wedding film and Cinematic Portraiture wedding photography team and were expecting awesome stuff but after seeing the results, we were blown away. It was just one of those weddings that got everything that you would be looking for in a wedding. The fun atmosphere (gotta give it up to the Filipinos), the happy tears (lots), the beautiful weather (jaw dropping), the sacret wedding ceremony and just a company of great people around.

We saw the Same Day Edit  that was shown on the night a lot earlier than the photos and wondered how the couple would react when they watched the film together with their family and friends, and how our Dave would feel. As storytellers, it is our biggest pride (and also pressure) when we tell the stories of the people that we care the most. It changes everything… it really does.. it puts an immense amount of pressure in your shoulder because you want to make them happy more than anything else and we were so happy to see the simple snap of him (crying of course) hugging with his friend, Charles after they finished watching the SDE… :)
We believe not only Dave and the team pulled it off, but the photography team also. This set of photographs didn’t just tell the story of the day but they also give a great sense of joy and appreciation to the lives of these people even though some of us were not there to witness the actual day. The photos make us feel inspired by their wonderful story and allow them to be an example of a great family and life. This is what we aspire to do through our work, to inspire others to live life to the fullest in the most meaningful way. To not only appreciate the big things, but also the little things and to not take anything for granted. 

The whole day was a basically a mess.. for Dave. He cried the whole time, whilst previewing the first part of the same day edit before it was shown, whilst filming the mother and son dance with his glide cam and just almost every other moments that happened.. so we thought its only fair to put his crying face in the last photo

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