There is so much that I can write about this wedding and this couple but honestly it is so hard to write anything because I don’t know how to even start!

Wedding Ceremony: Life Centre International
Wedding Reception: Sergeants Mess


I never knew this day would have come. I don’t think anyone would. But good things happen to those who wait and persevere with what they believe in.

Bismark is a gentleman. He is the kind of guy who would say hello to you first, gives hi5 to you first, hug you first, ask you how you’re going first and even complement you first. He is all about giving his best to his friends and family. I can only imagine what he would give to his wife, which is one of my best friends Delia.

She is a tough woman to crack, hence Bismark. She is a lady with a style, hence Bismark. She is a girl that needs a bit of guidance or kept grounded sometimes, hence Bismark ;)

Both of them complete each other in a way no one would ever expect. Its funny how different they are as individuals yet how similar they get when they become a couple. Love works so amazingly you never know what to expect when two different people are thrown in a mix.

The first time I saw the photographs, I was honestly blown away. We were overseas when the photos were uploaded online and I honestly think the moments were taken so beautifully. Let’s face it, there is no best way to capture a moment. There is always going to be a better angle or a better way to somehow capture everything. However, I believe there is a way to capture a moment that really fits the way it happened, preserve the emotion that was felt and show what was needed to be shown. I think this is pretty darn close to it.

Unfolded by Ferry, Vincent & Deddy


Wedding Photography & Film: Paper Cranes Productions
Bride & Groom Preparation and Location photos: QT Sydney
Ceremony Officiant: Ps. Alex Thomas
Make Up Artist: Susie Ayoub
Hair Stylist: Stavros
Florist: Anna Wang
Cars: A.B.L.E Classic Wedding Cars
Live Band: Sydney Jazz Collective
Cake: Sweet Bloom Cakes
MC: Jeremiah Hartman
Wedding Gown: Velani by Nicky
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Groom Suit: Harrolds (Sydney)

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