First of all, we DID IT, I told you we’d be there with you every second, it went by so fast! Chris did an amazing job on the edit. As we drove in-between locations, we all (Chris, Tim and I) listened to the song, and we knew this one had to be it. The day was so epic, fun, emotional and it felt like we’d known each other for years, just visiting a friends house… And filming a wedding.

Immediately as I walked in, Kevin (Kim’s younger brother) opened the door and let me in. As I setup the gear in the corner and said hello to everyone, Kim’s family were so welcoming, whilst power-walking about doing their own thing. Minh (Kim’s father) was cooking and preparing all the loads of food for the guests, smashing out lots and even offering me some as he went. I love the energy of everyone quickly getting ready in the morning. I have to constantly know where everyone is at and move around to each at the same time haha.

As the day progressed we knew it was going to be a fun Same Day Edit, the two families joining together OFFICIALLY (but it felt like everyone was already one big family) Sherman’s dad was cracking jokes all day, even with us and the photographers. Most of the day was MC’d by my favourite, Thanh Luan, from the Tea Ceremonies to the Reception, he’s been at so many of the weddings throughout the years and definitely creates the happy celebration mood.

Congratulations again to both families, Sherman said it was the best day of his life during his speech. Hopefully watching this is like a Time Machine into the past, like in the movies where it’s the flashback montage, except not freaky and scary, where you wake up in bed and almost punch Pepper Potts in the face (irrelevant Ironman reference)

Throughout the day, I pushed to be a semi-third bridesmaid/groomsman, bringing whatever I could, being weatherman, purple iPhoneholder, lint picker, corsage straightener and dress fixerer tongue emoticon so Kim and Sherman wouldn’t have to worry. The day went so smoothly, you didn’t even need to be worried in the morning Kim, duh. I told you it’d be ok smile emoticon We also accidentally got Sherman with his shirt off, oh no! (The crowd went wild haha)

I’ve already watched this several times (with a massive smile on my face), I asked Chris to copy it for me in the car on the way home, so I could write this blog post whilst watching it again haha. Over the weekend, it became my Spotify song, so when I came to write it, it’d just flow out of my brain. Seeing everyone watch this for the first time on the night was definitely the reason we do what we do. The crowd were laughing, dancing and fully immersed in the Same Day Edit. I don’t like saying the word “capture”, but we’re so lucky we live in a time, that everyone can relive the memories of wedding day like this. (Part of my heart cracks when people say they didn’t have video at their wedding)

In retrospect of my few years here, life is about experiences and giving generously to others. Every guest has their own version of how they will remember it, and sprinkling this on top at the reception is like icing on the cake, with GOLD FLAKES (get it, the cake had.. yeh) Shooting weddings makes you really look closer, see and feel more. Kevin got me during tea ceremony, and your letter to your mum, made my throat close.. even though I didn’t know fully what it was, I could understand what you were both feeling.

There was just so much love from everyone on the day, and being able to give our 100% undivided attention, energy, previous experience on the day is worth every second. Especially when I know the importance of how much this video will mean for everyone in the future.

Thanks so much Kim and Sherman for letting us do what we love,

and for also letting us be the guests, in your family even though it was for only a day,

congratulations and we wish you all the happiness in making your home together!

Shot by Dave & Tim

Edited by Chris

P.S Sorry for rearranging the room, we had to leave urgently, (there was a ceremony on or somethin’)

I owe you both a “rearrange the furniture” coupon haha

(you can claim it from Tim lol)

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