Have I told you how much I love mixed culture weddings? This one is quite a cute mix where Jeremy, the handsome Srilankan neurosurgeon marrying the beautiful Turkish doctor Nile.

This couple is like a match made in Heaven and its so beautiful to see their love radiates everywhere around them. What is more beautiful is to see how much of their family and friends from different culture just nicely mixed with one another creating a great blend of family atmosphere.

I have a 1 yo daughter (almost) and it hits me now whenever I see father of the brides on wedding days. I wonder what they are thinking, feeling, what their emotions are. I wonder how I would be like when its my daughter’s time to get married. So needless to say, I got to spend more time with the fathers now on wedding days, just to “chat"

Levent, the father of the bride is such a friendly, calm and helpful man who I can say 100% will do whatever it takes to make his family happy. I asked him whether he can still remember the times when Nile was still little and he told me this beautiful story of how Nile used to point at the clock. It might seem to be a simple story, but for me, as a father, I totally dig that.

So I asked Levent if he had any footage of that instance and he gave it to me. Its my favourite part of the SDE, to be able to reminisce and mix the deepest part of the memory of the father together with the emotion of the day, is just priceless.

I can see how much Nile also cherish his mum and dad. Normally brides would like their wedding dresses to be hung on something more “fancy” but Nile requested the dress to be hung on her dad’s little workshop hut that he built him self. I think thats pretty awesome.

Jeremy also comes from a close knit family. In morning everyone prayed for him and congratulated him one by one. These family values are so important as both Nile and Jeremy will carry them through when they are building their own family foundation so thank God for strong families like these.

Thank you so much Jeremy and Nile for having us taking a glimpse look into your beautiful families, we hope that this little creation of ours can show just how amazing what you guys have, your surroundings, your lives and your love.

Unfolded by Santo, Liang and Matt.



Instagram: @paper_cranes_productions

Vendor Credits (Everyone was awesome all around!)

Wedding Film: Paper Cranes Productions
Wedding Photography: Ann Marie Yuen Photography
Wedding Cars: Hummerzillas
Wedding Ceremony Venue: Breakfast Point Function Hall
Wedding Reception Venue: Starship
Wedding Cake: Bakedown Cakery
Wedding Gown: Vera Wang
Make up Artist and Hair: Carly Wood
Ceremony Officiant: Rick Mapperson

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