It was a privilege to film the day that the big sis daphne married her other half, Chien.

I know Daphne and her sister Phoebe for quite some time now. They are that kind of friends that you just don’t get to see most of the time but just become the best of friends every time you see each other again.

I was so excited to meet Chien the first time at daphne’s birthday at Centennial park. I wanted to see the guy from the UK that daphne seems so in love with. First impression? Very stylish guy with British accent and boy how in love are these two!

Our friendship grew from there as we meet and work together on projects from time to time. Chien is a very creative guy who has high standard. Much like Daphne. And I’m just so glad to see them even more in love on the day of their wedding. It was hard to hold back tears, but I think I did much better than Phoebe did :p

Love the whole intimate wedding at this gorgeous place in southern highlands. The girls are wedding stylist so you can imagine the wedding had not been short of style.

Love the gift exchange from both the bride and groom AND also from little sister Phoebe, a handkerchief with the words “happy tears” that she embroidered her selves. Daphne definitely found it very useful on the day.

Love the vows they made for each other and how much they mean it when they say them.

Love the two families that were just super nice and sweet. We feel like we were treated as part of them the whole time.

Ok I actually can go on and on now but finally, I just wanted to say congratulations, have an amazing and fruitful life ahead. We love you both

With Mk
Edited by Chris

Instagram: @paper_cranes_productions

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