What a wonderful wedding we just had. Ping and Elaine is against anything “CHEESY”. This apparently includes exchanging letter in the morning.

Just for the record, we would never force any of our brides and grooms to do anything that they don’t want to. However when Ping and Elaine requested for the SDE to be presented a bit earlier than normal, I got a bit cheeky and teased them a little bit by asking for a trade. The trade was that we would show the SDE earlier on the night if they agreed to exchange letters in the morning of the wedding. 5 seconds later we shook hand and the deal was made. 

Fast forward to the wedding day (today). It was a glorious sunny day for everyone to enjoy. Ping and Elaine exchanged letters and Ping gave her a surprise gift (a very special one) and it really caught Elaine by surprise. But what made Elaine cried was not actually the rather expensive gift; it was the fun and simple letter that she got from Ping. 

Fast forward to the night reception. Elaine bawled her eyes out watching the film and everybody loved it.

Shortly after the SDE was shown, the couple came up and hugged each of us one by one to personally said thank you. Elaine, still with her teary eyed said thank you for forcing her to do the letter exchange. She said this, “you guys may have done this all the time but this is very special to us”. I said, “it never gets old, especially when we get this sort of joyful reaction”.

Thank you guys for appreciating our work so much it fills our hearts and give us a pat in the back for what we strive to do.

Have a great married life together!

Unfolded by Santo, Tedy, Dom, Ferry and Joan

Photography & Film: Paper Cranes Productions
Event Coordinator: Bree Murray
Make Up Artist & Hair: CJ Artistry
Florist: Design by Booshi
Cars: Queen St Customs
DJ & Photo Booth: Armand Abogado
Cake: Cake Salon
Catering: Aria
Wedding Gown: Babushka Ballerina
Ceremony Officiant: Charyl Walsh
Reception Stylist: Decorative Events

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