We spent 4 days shooting their intimate and full-of-culture Indian wedding and show this film on the last night at the reception dinner.

I still remember the time it was played, those hundreds of guests went on silent. That moment was a treasure for every one of them, because they could witness the beauty and the warmth of Pratik and Kanika's family.

Yes, family is everything for them two. His grandfather moved to Australia years ago and started it all. Once a small family, became a huge and loving family. And celebrating their marriage on Australia Day is the best thing to do.

Thank you Pratik and Kanika for showing us what family is, how to embrace every struggle, and especially what love is. Please enjoy this 4 days celebration packed into a short film.

Paper Cranes Team.

Unfolded by Santo, Tedy, and Vedro.

Film: Paper Cranes Wedding
Photography: Hilary Cam
Wedding coordinator: Sunaina Goyal
Venue: Bendooley Estate and Hyatt Regency Sydney

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