So where did they go?

So where did they go? the question remained in all of us as much as in Elizabeth’s mind when she was sitting in the car during this secret trip organized by Muliono.

We were at the edge of our seat when these two lovebirds were telling their story and all this pictures and images and imaginations just flew in to our head like magic! We knew it would be an awesome story to tell but not until we saw the full movie for the first time that we realize it was actually not only awesome… but AMAZING…..

Some true facts about the story:

  • They met through mutual friends and muliono was the one showing elizabeth how to get to the uni from the city via bus.
  • Muliono is a chef and he cooks for elizabeth while she cleans the dishes afterwards:P
  • They have a very adoreable dog that they like to walk together in the afternoon
  • It started when Muliono suddenly grabbed Elizabeth’s hand while walking in china town at night.
  • Muliono drew the exact same picture on elizabeth’s hand

Please do see this film for yourselves and we hope that you would feel as touched as we have.

Thanks so much for your support once again everyone!!!

Also, thanks so much for Dave Katague for his hard work making our brand new Outro sequence with our brand new LOGO made by the creative people at Bubblefish. We are working on our new branding at the moment and this is only a sneak peak of whats to come :)

The Paper Cranes team.

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