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We do our best work when we feel like we have more "skin in the game". When you are no longer an outsider capturing a stranger's life but rather almost becoming a part of the story it self. This level of connection is what we usually strive to create whenever we deal with a new client. Well, we didn't really need to do that in this particular project because they are already our best friends to begin with. However, it opens up another level of challenge. How do we impress the people that have seen our work from many many years before, how do we give justice to their story as a couple and how do we even begin?

No longer two is the keyword that led to this prewedding concept where we explore how two people can become one. How amongst 7 billion people, two very different individuals can meet and agreed that they are meant to be together for life. This is the biggest commitment that they are making in their life and we are very grateful to be able to share a piece of what their story is all about. 

Unfolded by Santo and Edo.

Instagram: @paper_cranes_productions

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