Ivan has a special way to surprise his loved ones. Knowing Jovana so much, he secretly booked a vintage french inspired house for them to stay over the weekend and decided to propose during the special occasion.

Their love story started as a long distance relationship where Ivan moved to Cairns for work. Jovana flew back and forth to be with him before finally Ivan moved to Sydney for good. Since Ivan works at the Sydney Airport, we managed to film inside the airport, which was really fun!

Getting to know these two was definitely a blast, they are just a very easy going couple who likes to have fun and really appreciate the people around them. The film was shown during their reception at Sergeants Mess last Sunday and we could see so many happy tears from their friends and family,which was awesome!

They are both at Maldives at the moment enjoying their honeymoon, so feel free to send them a lovely message in the comment box if you enjoyed their love story! :)
Instagram: @paper_cranes_productions

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