I believe I have just watched this film almost ten times straight and it never failed to bring smile to my face each time.


Ceremony + Reception Venue: Sergeants Mess

It is always a huge pressure when you film another wedding filmmaker's wedding, let alone your own team member. However it is much more of a priviledge for me and Dom to have been a part of this amazing day of Armin and Boshra's wedding together with Ferry and Grace who did the photography.

We became closer and closer ever since Armin started to shoot with us more. I always see him as someone with an exceptional heart for others. At first I thought perhaps it might have felt more than what it really was but time after time he has shown that he does have a genuine kind and blessed heart as I have seen in his actions. Meeting Boshra for the first time also felt similar as I felt she was just the perfect companion for Armin, kind, friendly and lovely. Seeing both of them makes me happy, hence watching this film makes me really happy :)

Vedro really did a great job with the edit as I almost teared up the first time I saw it but I kept my cool :p I felt this film is really just a honest portrayal of their character, their life and their heart. I really hope that this film will touch many many souls that love is simply worth living for, worth fighting for. Even when its a big roller coaster ride, at the end of the journey you know you will be safe... and it was worth the ride.

Thank you Armin and Boshra for being who you are, thank you for your amazing family, your awesome community and for this film. We hope that it will show how much both of you have grown into who you are today, a strong married couple that is ready to take on the world, building each other and will never give up on each other. Ever.


Santo, Dom, Vedro and the whole Paper Cranes Team.

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