If ever the beautiful art of photography could describe the story of a couple - it would be Demas and Luciana’s story.

Years ago, a group of kids had their photo taken at a gathering - they didn’t know each other and so it would have otherwise been a very passing not so special moment captured in a photo.

But two of those kids were Demas and Luciana… not knowing each other then but crossing paths again years later, we can say their story began from that photo.

When the time came, and being extremely well-known in the Instagram world, Demas used this advantage to propose to Luci. He asked her to model for his photoshoot, eventually popping the very important question. Yes as the answer and we got to witness their beautiful wedding day.

Two of the most memorable moments of their wedding were when Demas’ Father and Lucy’s Grandma sang for them. I’m pretty sure the whole reception were screaming and cheering for them. They shouted loudly, “Oma! Oma! Oma!” (Oma means grandma in Indonesian). It was fun, it was warm, and it was a really good day for everyone.

Thank you Demas and Luci for letting us also experience that meaningful day in your life. Here is a short piece of it for you to enjoy.

Unfolded by Armin and Vedro

Film and photography: Paper Cranes Weddings
Hair and make up artist: Captivate by Ellie
Florist: So Daisy Flowers
DJ: Mike Hyper
Wedding gown: Blanche Bridal
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Groom suits: Wil Valor
Reception venue: Deckhouse

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