One photo tells a thousand words. That means this film will tell millions of Arash and Rasha’s story. So hopefully no matter where you pause, there is always a frame that tells you a part of their loving story.

One frame will tell you how their family is everything for them.
One frame will tell you that they have been eagerly waiting for this day to come.
Another frame will tell you how crazy the groomsman is.
The other will show you that even the aunties were having a great fun that night.

Thank you Arash and Rasha for having both our film and photography teams with you on your wedding day. May this piece be a good keepsake for you to look back when you’re already surrounded with your grandchildren.

Unfolded by Mk, Matt, Ferry, and Deddy.

Film and photography: Paper Cranes Wedding
Florist: Frances Dunn Florist
Cars: Roll Up In A Rolls
Music: Evan Powers Entertainment 
Photo booth: Microhire
Cake: Celebration Cakes
Bomboniere: Designer Candy 
Reception venue: Crystal Palace Luna Park Sydney

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