Angelica and Edmund has the cutest love story ever like almost straight coming out from a sweet asian romantic comedy movie.


Reception Venue: View by Sydney

I remember coming home feeling very happy that I have filmed this wedding. I felt that I was at the right place and had the best of time.

Angelica has 2 sisters, they are called Angelia and Angelina and they are all doctors. I know right.. and the family is from Indonesia and they have very similar surname as mine. I instantly felt like I was part of the family and they named me Angelo.

Spending time with them and their family really makes me happy for them for what they have. They have a good life, a good family and a great future together. I feel that their parents really contributed a lot in their lives and shaped who they are as people. It reminded me of my daughter and how important my role is as her parent. Seeing Angelica's dad shedding tears whilst walking his daughter down the isle really touched my heart and I can feel his sense of proudness and joy of his achievements. So thank you so much Edmund, Angelica and the families for being who you are. I pray that more and more blessings and joy will come your way and let you become more and more of an inspiration to many.

Special thanks to the awesome bridal party: Angelia Tjokrowidjaja, Angelina Tjokrowidjaja, Man Wai Wong, Peter Chen, David Chan, and Jeremy Tan. 

Unfolded by Santo, Ferry and Edo.

Instagram: @paper_cranes_productions

Supplier Credits
Wedding film: Paper Cranes Productions
Wedding photography: Tea Lily
Wedding reception venue: View by Sydney
Florist: Clementine Posy

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