When we go out and shoot, one of the things that people often come up and say to us is “Wow its great that you get to play around with cool toys (camera gear) for work” and my response is usually “Yea, its great!”, which is true.. but we we are not in the wedding industry just to capture cool shots and play around with expensive gear. They are relatively heavy to carry anyway…


Ceremony Venue: MAry Immaculate Waverley

Reception Venue: Dede's on the Wharf

We are in this business to connect with people and share their life stories hopefully in a way that will show how beautiful life can be. We always look forward to get inspired when we meet with new couples and see the side of their life that will move and touch us as storytellers. This time we get to hang out with Tim, Danica and their friends and family.

Danica’s dad speech was of of those amazing marriage advices where money and luxurious things are not the key to happiness and it was definitely one of those goose bumps moments that made the night even more special. Tim is such a gentleman and Danica is such a fun and loving spirit and the two really complete each other. It was amazing to see them celebrating the next chapter in their journey together with their family and friends (and their cute dog).

Thanks so much guys for having us on your beautiful wedding day. We had a blast and can’t wish you guys enough happiness and love for the rest of your life. We hope that our work will be a constant reminder of how you started your new life and family.

with Tedy

Edited by Chris



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