This will be an awkward note from myself because this time it's my own wedding. Yes, this Paper Cranes editor justgot married.

In December 2017, we got registered as a married couple in Sydney. Then in June 2018, we flew back to Indonesia to have the blessing and the reception dinner with our family and friends.

I hoped for a bright sunny day so everybody can enjoy, but when she’s about to walk down the aisle, it poured down. A lot. Like a whole worth a week rain just poured down on that hour. I was panic, devastated. I was so worried that Thea became frustrated and I had imagined all the bad things that could possibly happen. Then I ran to the back where Thea and her father were waiting.

There I found her sitting calmly, asking me if we should wait or move the ceremony to a small gazebo nearby (it was an outdoor ceremony). Long story short, somehow everyone helped and worked it out together, and we made it. I was so thankful and I feel like God has given me the best wedding day.

Not because of the sunny day or whatever, but because He showed me something much more precious. He showed me that I got the best wife ever, who would brave the storm together with me. I got family and friends who are willing to help me through tough days. You could see in the video that one of our guests, Ruby, was covering Armin our videographer with umbrella while he's shooting Thea. This kind of gesture really hit home. God didn’t give me a pretty day, but he gave me the best day that I could ever imagine.

Above are a few stories we had on the day, and I hope this video could summarise everything else in it.

Vedro and Thea

Thea and I would like to thank everyone that has been here in our life. We couldn’t mention all of them, but you know who you are. We are what we are now because of you.

Unfolded by Armin, Ferry, and myself :D

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