A strong marriage is the foundation of a strong family. Having filmed over 700 weddings, we feel like we are in a pretty good place to share a bit about what it means to celebrate the biggest day of your life. So we thought we would come up with a little showreel that sends a message on what weddings are all about.

Everybody wants a toned body but unfortunately for many people, this is not always the case. Why? Because for some people (like me) it is not that easy to spend 1 hour at the gym every single day.

Everybody wants a great marriage but it takes a lot of constant effort to have one and it is very important to kickstart the process with the right mindset.

The best weddings we have filmed are usually where the couples put so much importance into the promises that they are making. You can just feel the weight of every word they say, the convictions in their eyes and how much they really mean it when they say “all the days of my life”. That is what its all about. Not so much about the parties, the gifts, the food and wines, its not even about the wedding ring itself.

At Paper Cranes we are grateful to know that the work we produce holds so much value in people’s lives. It will go past our lifetime and be cherished even more by generations to come. This is how we leave our legacy and we take it with great pride and joy.

We hope that our little showreel can inspire all couples to have the best beginning of their married life. Huge thank you to all of our wonderful brides and grooms, fellow vendors and also our amazing line of photographers, cinematographers, producers and editors that have worked alongside us all these years. We couldn’t have done it without you. Really. We couldn’t.

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Utmost love,

The Paper Cranes Team
Instagram: @papercranes_weddings

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