Every once in a while you would go on a shoot and experience some extraordinary things. Things that will change the way you perceive life. This was one of those times.

Hireup is an company that connects people with disabilities with the “right” support workers, not just anyone. Who would have thought having the right companion can profoundly impact someone’s life. it definitely does and it happened to many of Hire Up’s clients, this time to Andrew.
Andrew got connected to Sarah through Hireup and it wasn’t long until they really became close friends and build each other from strength to strength. Sarah saw Andrew’s passion in singing and she pushed him to try out busking. Andrew was totally up for the challenge and the rest was history. It is amazing to see first hand Andrew’s passion for singing and also the love of his friends and family. Everyone is so supportive and I also get to see how Hireup is very appreciated in Andrew’s household. That must have meant something.
We are grateful to have gotten the opportunity to tell this story. I hope we get to tell many more and help companies like Hire up, change the lives of others, one story at a time.

Client: Hireup
Director: Susanto Widjaja
Camera: Vedro El Citra
Editor: Vedro El Citra
Production: Paper Cranes Productions 2016
Client: Hireup
Production Company: Paper Cranes Productions
Year of Production: 2016
Director: Susanto Widjaja
Editor: Vedro el Citra
Music licensed through The Music Bed
Instagram: @paper_cranes_productions

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