Last year we produced one of my favourite commercial films. it was quite nerve wracking when it comes the time to do the next one for the same company. This time we are telling the story of Adam and Trent and boy how inspired we were by this two amazing human beings.


Adam has a screen printing business, runs a delivery business and so good at hugging people and giving high fives. Trent is someone that is full of life and can't imagine living without giving back to society. Through each other they fill each other's gap and formed great companionship.

Thank you so much to Hireup for giving us this tremendous opportunity to tell such a beautiful story. I went home a different person after the shoot and I hope this film will let you experience at least a fraction of how I felt that day.

Client: Hireup
Director: Susanto Widjaja
Camera: Vedro El Citra
Editor: Vedro El Citra
Production: Paper Cranes Productions 2017

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